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The COVID-19 is unfolding in the worst possible way. So it's utmost important to shift our approach to accommodate the current state of affairs and emerge stronger. In this difficult time, we are here to help you.
At a time where social-distancing is utmost important, the only way to run Education sector smoothly is through Online Classes, Online admission, fee collection & sharing Assignments online.
iLogitron offers you a complete package to regularize and simplify all you school operations. A highly customizable Online School Management platform that simplifies the world around you .

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We always aim to provide you an appropriate solution which meets all your needs and provide you the utmost result. Our system is robust and highly configurable, which can be customised as per your requirment.

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Our platform comes with a lot many add-ons features and you get a provision to integrate multiple other systems with it like Biometric attendance system, RFID card based attendance system, or face recognized unlocking system.

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